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Board Certified Chaplains, Life Coaches & Wellness Experts

At PATHFINDER, we are committed to helping people not feel alone in their walk through life. 

Our team relies on Jesus Christ to lead the way.  Our professional life coaches use biblical principles and wisdom to help individuals discover their path toward inner peace, truth, and purpose.

Therapists are trained mental health professionals with the goal of treating mental illness, trauma, or other significant emotional and relational concerns. - We are not therapists.

Coach practitioners help you build mental and spiritual fitness and seek to help you elevate performance in a specific area.  We explore the future and help you discover your potential to meet your goals.  Our coaches are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with specific standards of ethics and competencies.


Our Team also includes Certified Community Health Workers to help clients with their care plan, accredited Life Coaches and certified as mindfulness professionals through the Center of Mind Body Medicine (CMBM), and Board Certified Chaplains through the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains (ACCC).  Our passion is to help others in a way that honors God.  Our calling is to serve with compassion, and dignity allowing the client to explore how to reach specific goals.

Let's sit together with God for a cup of peace.

Tea Time

Chaplain Care

Margarita is a board-certified chaplain who follows Jesus Christ as her savior.  She will care for the family and your loved one during difficult times.

Chaplains provide tremendous spiritual and emotional support to both patients and families as they come to terms with their diagnoses and end-of-life experiences. Contrary to what some may believe, the duties of the chaplain go far beyond simply joining patients in prayer.

The primary role of a chaplain is to provide spiritual support that is specific to each patient’s desires.

When a patient’s voice feels lost in the midst of their family members’ concerns and end-of-life planning, the chaplain is there to stay completely present with them and truly listen to their desires.

Many families are unaware that chaplains are available to officiate funerals and even assist in the planning to provide family members that extra support as they are often overwhelmed with grief. They also help to ensure that the patient themselves have an input in funeral decisions before their passing, which typically makes planning easier on the family afterwards.

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