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Discovery Call

A free session to explore a solution strategy based on your needs.

  • 30 min
  • Free
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

A Discovery call is typically an initial conversation between a service provider (such as a coach, consultant, or salesperson) and a potential client or customer. The main purpose of a discovery call is to explore whether there is a good fit between the client's needs or goals and the services or products offered by the provider. Here are the critical aspects of a discovery call: 1. Introduction: The call usually starts with introductions, during which both parties briefly get to know each other. This sets a friendly and professional tone for the conversation. 2. Understanding Needs: The provider will ask questions to understand the potential client's needs, challenges, or goals. This phase is crucial for gathering information to determine how the provider can help. 3. Explaining Services or Products: The provider explains their services, products, or solutions relevant to the client's needs. This includes highlighting key benefits and how these offerings can address the client's situation. 4. Assessing Fit: Both parties assess whether a good fit exists between the client's needs and what the provider offers. This involves discussing expectations, outcomes, timelines, and other relevant factors to determine if moving forward would be mutually beneficial. 5. Answering Questions: The potential client usually can ask questions about the provider's offerings, process, experience, or any other concerns they may have. 6. Next Steps: Based on the discussion, the discovery call concludes with a discussion about potential next steps. This could include scheduling further meetings, providing additional information, or deciding not to proceed further if the fit isn't right. Discovery calls are common in various industries, including coaching and consulting, to allow both parties to gather information and determine whether a deeper business relationship is viable. They are not typically sales pitches but exploratory conversations to understand needs and potential solutions.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, contact us 48 hours in advance to avoid losing your session.

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