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Updated: Mar 16

For many, mornings come uneventfully, another day perhaps even as a jolt back into the drudgery of living. When is our first thought of God in the day? I invite you to try waking up to Majesty.


David asked the Lord if he could build a temple for Him.  The Lord allowed David’s son Solomon to do it.  David implored the people of Israel to finance the temple. The people rejoiced and willingly responded to their leaders; they gave freely and wholeheartedly to the Lord. David, the king, also rejoiced greatly. So, David praised God in the presence of the whole assembly – and described the Majesty of Adonai.


“Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the Majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; Yours is the dominion, and You exalt Yourself as head overall.”  1 Chronicles 29:11

David delves into the profound meaning of the Hebrew word 'hod' or 'Majesty.' While the word primarily means 'Majesty,' it is also used to denote 'authority' (Numbers 27:20) and physical vitality (Proverbs 5:9). These ideas are interconnected and interdependent, and understanding them can provide a deeper insight into the true essence of the word.

When we use the word "majestic," what comes to mind? Do you picture a king sitting on his throne in a grand palace? Or maybe your thoughts take you to a scene of the grandeur of the ocean or a towering cliff. All these images lead us in the right direction.

We are not referring to an aloof God of theological abstractions. This God is the God of incredible creation - from the vast galaxies of space to the smallest microscopic creatures and even those that inhabit the deep crevasse in the blue sea. The earth and all that it encompasses are included in this.

Hod is a favorite word of David (see Psalm 8:1 and Psalm 96:6).  David looks up to the heavens, and he sees the Majesty of God, the vigor of creation and life, and the authority of the One Who rules it all.  He woke to it in the mornings after being hunted by Saul the previous day, sleeping in hiding, yet he could palpate the sweet presence of the Lord.

“In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning,  I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”  Psalm 5:3


Profound is the moment when we realize how small we are in comparison to the vastness of God’s creation.  We can dare to imagine that if the creation is this beautiful, majestic, and orderly – how much more is the creator?  Our eyes can adjust to see clearly when we quiet our minds and sit in the vastness of His goodness.  We can see what David could see in those perfectly dark nights. After some time, our eyes can begin to see just how incredibly vast the universe is.  Billions and billions of stars, on and on forever into the dark.  We see the Majesty that David saw.

Even so, David unfolds how Majesty is the eye of the storm. When life is in turmoil, confusing, and dreadful, he steps into the eye of the storm where God’s Majesty rests and lets His presence fill his being - his temple.  David finds peace in the chaos. Consider the words of David in Psalm 56

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise—in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?

Realizing how small we are compared to the vastness of the universe can have a profound impact on humans. Yet we are loved deeply. This can help us understand that life is fleeting and encourage us to make the most of it. Allowing ourselves to be held by Majesty can provide a sudden revelation: it's personal—God really does care for us and what we are living through and longs to be in a relationship with us.

The same God who created everything we see, whose power and glory extend beyond our comprehension, cares about each one of us. If we keep this thought fresh in our minds, what could ever possibly disturb the peace in our lives?

When we rise in the mornings, it’s not just another day to do the same thing repeatedly. It is Majesty calling to your soul, inviting you to a silent sitting with the King of Glory.  If you want Majesty in your life – look for it.  Look up to the sky in the day or night, look at the small things – a flower, an ant created with perfection.  Develop a habit of thanksgiving, being grateful for what you can see, feel, smell, and do, and the people in your life.

When you walk the busy streets, slow your mind to feel the wind on your cheek. This is Majesty—wooing you to be still.

By Malchiel S'lah

January 2024

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